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PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator

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The PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator is a high precision digital belt scale integrator incorporating a range of smart features that provide a state of the art solution for belt weighing applications. Operating with a wide range of single or multi idler belt scales, and speed sensing devices, the PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator processes belt load and speed signals […]

pr446 Belt Feeder Controller

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The PR446 Belt Feeder Controller is used within weigh belt feeder systems in order to accurately control the rate of delivery of bulk solid materials along a conveyor belt. It can be used to control the belt speed on weigh feeders where the belt loading is constant or pre-feeding devices onto a fixed speed belt. […]

Belt Weigher Indicator

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The PR436 Belt Weigher Indicator connects to a belt weigher mechanism in order to continually calculate the rate of flow of material over the belt scale and the total quantity of material transferred. A wide variety of belt scale designs containing up to four load cells are supported, along with a range of speed sensor […]

pr426p Belt Weigher Din Rail Profibus Transmitter

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The PR426 Belt Weigher Transmitter connects with up to four strain gauge load cells fitted to a belt weigher mechanism from which it generates a calibrated weight signal. It also connects with a proximity switch or shaft encoder, from which it receives pulses in proportion to belt movement.From these two inputs and from calibration and […]