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Practicon Control Systems core business is specialising in the design, build and supply of weighing and batching control systems to a wide market sector servicing food, drinks, personal care, terminal depots, chemical, compounding, plastics manufacturing and distribution companies.

We can provide a full engineering service embracing new technology and innovations providing engineering design excellence offering quality control systems. Practicon also provides solutions to upgrade and retrofit control system automation into existing plant and machinery that are being refitted or updated requiring SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) & PLC automation control. Projects are undertaken from concept to completion followed by a dedicated team of support engineers to offer customer support via telephone, remote access or onsite assistance.

Practicon Control Systems also works in partnership with a number of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) companies providing electrical and software engineering and automation design to develop control systems to integrate into OEM plants and machinery.

Over the years Practicon has developed many ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & MRP (Material Resource Planning) interfaces for customers to allow the control systems & automation solutions to communicate with the company’s resource and materials planning systems. With most manufacturing companies employing SAP or JD Edwards for example as resource planning systems across site wide operations it is vital to be able to interact and share data with these systems to help to increase productivity and consistency of the shop floor production processes.

Control Systems and Software Solutions

  • Automation: Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi
  • Network: Ethernet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, ASI, DH+, DH485, Remote I/O, Modbus, HART, RS485
  • SCADA: RSView, FactoryView, Win CC
  • HMI: Allen Bradley PanelView, Siemens OP, TP & MP
  • MES: VB6, C#.Net, MSSQL Server, Crystal Reports
  • ERP: SAP, JD Edwards, Prism, Vitasoft

Practicon’s Engineering Services

Practicon’s engineering design services can provide project management, electrical and pneumatic panel design, electrical drawing design, component & control gear supply, software design and development, commissioning and installation services.

  • Industrial control system design & Manufacture utilising AutoCAD
  • Technical specification documentation
  • Control systems design to customer’s specification
  • SCADA systems
  • PLC programming service
  • HMI programming & screen design
  • Control systems panel build
  • Commissioning & onsite support

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