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proTrace Recipe Dispensary Weighing


  • Accurate Recipe Controlled Hand-weighing
  • Automatically Generated Batch History Data
  • Electronic Reporting Affording Complete Traceability
  • Colour Graphics Screens Including Weighment Indicators for Easy Operation
  • Optional Production Schedule Planning or Dynamic Shop Floor Scheduling
  • Distributable Office Management Application for Multi-User Access

The proTrace Recipe Management System is designed to manage the day to day batching operations of a production facility that requires materials to be manually dispensed or pre-weighed with complete material traceability for further downstream processing. The proTrace Recipe Management System also accommodates for the next batching process stage offering fully traceability of material movement and the method of manufacturing by automating the batching plant processes and bulk material additions.

proTrace System Infrastructure

Recipe formulations are stored centrally on an SQL database and accessed via the proTrace Office Application. The proTrace Office Application can be distributed across multiple networked workstations allowing multi user password protected access for recipe formulation design, historical data retrieval and material stock usages offering full material and batching traceability. The proTrace Recipe Management System offers a number of different shop floor client applications and configurations to control and manage multiple handweigh dispensary batching room’s.

proTrace Shop Floor IP66 Operator Terminals

Practicon offers Industrial Shop Floor IP66 Operator Terminals specifically designed to be robust and to operate in harsh manufacturing environments, ideal for handweigh dispensary weighing and batching areas. Each handweigh operator terminal is networked and has the capability to connect numerous local weighing platform scales of varying capacities and precision. The proTrace handweigh dispensary terminals also have the ability to share common scales i.e. large pallet scales between other batching dispensary terminals. Options are available to connect wireless bar code scanners, RFID scanners, label printers to the dispensary weighing system to maximise material traceability. The proTrace Recipe Dispensary Batching systems also support ID scanners to accommodate token ID fobs or swipe/RFID ID cards for fast and secure operator identification.

Recipe & Operative Information

Production personnel in the handweigh dispensary weighing areas are presented with details of material, weight & tolerance requirements for a selected product from the details stored in the recipe formulation from the proTrace recipe systems Office Application. The production operatives using the handweigh dispensary recipe systems can also be presented with onscreen information in the form of prompts, offering both text and pictures to be displayed on the shop floor terminal. This can be useful in many ways to perform manual functions such as requesting an operator to undertake a manual task, wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or for displaying COSHH or Allergen information.

Dispensary handweigh requirements, in the form of material descriptions, lot codes or batch code information together with target and tolerances are displayed on the operators handweigh recipe batching terminal when a works schedule is selected. Weighment details are shown sequentially together with the Net weight readings and colour coded bar graph representing the difference between the actual weight and the target weight. The large onscreen weight reading display and the representation of the handweigh bar graph scale together with the changing colours indicate the actions required from the operator:

  • Orange – Under-weight
  • Green – Correct-weight
  • Red – Over-weight

proTrace Material Traceability

The dispensary recipe system can prompt for the ingredient lot codes or batch code numbers to be entered or scanned via a barcode scanner for maximum material traceability. Material and batch code verification and handling unit verification can be validated in real time with SAP or ERP systems over the network or internet from the shop floor terminal.

The proTrace Recipe dispensary client software caters for both batch and campaign weighing whereby in batch weighing mode the materials are weighed and recorded for traceability, sequentially for each batch. For campaign weighing mode each ingredient is weighed up for a group of batches and logged for traceability before moving on the next material.

proTrace Historical Record Data

Historical records are recorded for all the operations undertaken by the operator and are readily available via the proTrace Office Application. The actual weight of the material as well as the time & date stamp and the ID of the operator who performed the weighment is recorded offering full batch traceability. Material usages can be automatically goods issued at the point of completing each material weighment by the proTrace Recipe System offering real time, accurate stock adjustment traceability.

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