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proTrace Recipe Batch Blending Systems

proTrace Recipe Blend System


  • Accurate Recipe Controlled Automatic Material Dispensing
  • SCADA with Graphical Mimic Animation
  • Automatically Generated Batch History Data
  • Electronic Reporting Affording Complete Traceability
  • Colour Graphics Screens Including Weighment Indicators for Easy Operation
  • Optional Production Schedule Planning or Dynamic Shop Floor Scheduling
  • Distributable Office Management Application for Multi-User Access

The Practicon proTrace Recipe Batching Systems ensure product quality by automating the weighing, mixing, cooking, heating and cooling operations for manufacturing industries. The proTrace Recipe Management Solution also offers the integration and control of materials prepared in the dispensary rooms for full material traceability.

Manufacturing Traceability

The proTrace Recipe Batch Blending control system monitors and governs the automatic and manually manufacturing plant processes to a predefined recipe formulation. All of the recipe formulation stages are recorded as production records for subsequent analysis and batch and material traceability. Practicon Recipe systems can operate as an independent manufacturing system or in conjunction with enterprise or material resource planning systems (ERP/MRP) management systems such as SAP, prism, JD Edwards etc.

Recipe Formulation Design

Typical systems comprise of a central server or suitable desktop PC with a centralised SQL database to store the recipe formulations and historical data. Practicon provides the proTrace Office Application which supports password protected multi user network access to view historical batch and material data and to design or edit recipe formulations.

proTrace Shop Floor IP66 Operator PC Terminals

Practicon offers industrialised shop floor IP66 Operator PC Terminals that have been designed to operate in the harsh production environments. The proTrace Operator Terminals have integrated membrane keyboards & touch screen with options to connect wireless barcode scanners and ID scanners. The ID scanners can be configured to read token ID fobs or swipe/RFID ID cards for fast and secure operator identification.

Distributed Control System Philosophy

The proTrace Recipe Batch Blending System has a flexible infrastructure allowing for various PLC configurations to suit the customer’s requirement offering multiple DCS style solutions or singular PLC and remote I/O solutions. Practicon can offer Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC solutions for plant automation & process control. ATEX solutions for both gas (Zone 0,1 & 2) and dust (Zone 20,21 & 22) hazardous environments can be provided, for supplying systems to the chemical and powder manufacturing companies. Ethernet communications as well as industrial automation communication standards & protocols i.e. Profibus, Profinet, Devicenet, Modbus are used in many applications.

Clear & Concise Recipe Control

Production operatives are presented with an easy to follow and concise set of instructions from the recipe formulation created using the proTrace Office Application. The proTrace shop floor operator terminal will display an animated graphical mimic of the plant and control the method of manufacture by processing the recipe formulation commands. The recipe commands are able to control the mechanical process equipment for example; auto-valves, agitators, shear mixers etc. to start, stop, open, close, heat & cool and control the speed or temperature if required. All automatic and manual material additions will be processed by the proTrace Operator Terminal which can be measured via load cells on the vessels or inline flow meters. Real time material verification and validation can be performed on the proTrace operator terminal using barcode scanners to make sure the correct materials are being processed and in the correct sequence. Materials can be automatically goods issued into SAP or other ERP system by the proTrace Recipe System, with the actual measured weight recorded by the recipe system to improve material stock usage, reduce operator error and increase productivity.

Alarm Management & Historical Records

Plant alarms are displayed on the proTrace Operator Terminals and are recorded in the historical data records for future analysis. Historical alarms have time and date stamped logged against the occurrence of when the alarm was generated and when the alarm was accepted. Trending screens are also available locally on the proTrace operator terminal to display the weight, temperature, pressure, flow rate etc. The trend data is also captured and recorded as historical data against the batch which can be accessed for further analysis.

Future Proof Design

The proTrace Recipe Management System is modular in design and therefore can be expanded to perform more plant operations or to control and integrate more manufacturing vessels in the future.

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