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Tank Farm Loading & Off Loading Systems

Tankfarm Loading & Offloading Systems


  • Automatically Control Material Internal Distribution
  • Control Tank Offloading Process
  • Accurate Material Loading
  • Historical Loading/Offloading reports
  • Graphical Mimic Automation of Loading/Offloading Processes
  • Safety Alarms Monitoring
  • RoSoV and Emergency System Shutdown

Tank Farm & Tanker Loading Control System Solutions

Practicon has designed, developed and implemented numerous Tank Farm distribution and tanker loading/offloading solutions in the UK. The solutions offered are based on providing full SCADA solutions utilising Siemens fail safe PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) products to offer DCS (Distributed Control Systems) to manage the storage and distribution of materials factory wide.

Powder and Liquid Handling – ATEX

PLC Control Systems cater for both powder and liquid material handling, monitoring overfill protection and providing systems suitable for the hazardous environments; ATEX Zone 0, 1 & 2 and Zone 20, 21 & 22. Road tanker deliveries are controlled and monitored for safe operation, integrating Earthrite systems into the control philosophy and recording the quantities of material delivered.

Mass and Volumetic Solutions

Practicon Tank Farm Systems utilise load cell weighing technology and also volumetric or mass flow meter technology to accurately measure the quantity of material delivered to the designated destination. Practicon also offers oxygen analysing systems to monitor the presents of oxygen in the storage vessels for chemical tank farms to report the high levels of oxygen detection and to safely shutdown the Tank Farm distribution system.

Material Distribution & Traceability

Tank farm products can be directly loaded into manufacturing reactor vessels, road tankers, rail transport vessels or ocean tankers. The material quantities and destination are logging to a SQL Database and solutions are available to communicate with SAP or other ERP systems to automatically goods issue the material usages.

SCADA Alarm Management

Plant alarms can be categorised into different colours and priority and displayed to the operator on HMI’s and stored in historically for future analysis. Options are also available to automatically email or send SMS messages to a selected group in the event of certain alarms being generated to inform of critical events.

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