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C-Pak50 Concrete Batching Control System

C-Pak50 Concrete Batch System

The C-Pak 50 system is designed to control ready mix or large precast concrete batching plants. This system has proven to be reliable and popular with the major ready mix companies in the UK as well as with many independent producers.

The system includes a graphical representation of the plant to show at a glance the state of the plant.

The system can operate from locally stored mix designs in recipe, schedule batch book or polynomial batch book formats. Alternatively, the system is capable of linking to our C-Pak Office system or to third party back office systems via the Universal Interface.

In addition to the plant control the system provides a number of features to support your business needs, these include :


The system allows a number of standard reports to be run, these include load reports, stock reports, material usage reports and an event log.

The load reports can be selected by a combination of date, customer, mix code, docket number or docket number range, plant or truck id. There are two forms of the report for each load, a summary report and a detailed report.

The stock report can be run for any date range and provides details for each material, these include opening stock, deliveries, usage, adjustments and stock figures.

The usage report shows details for all materials used during the dates selected for the report. The details show theoretical usage, actual usage, the error between the two in value and percentage terms. It also shows values for manual usage, the total volume batched and the average moisture for the materials.

The event log details activity of the control system, this includes when buttons are pressed and details any material feed that is done in the emergency standby mode.

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