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Panel Building Workshop Facility

Our panel building facility provides a range of services at varying levels. We accommodate and adapt to your requirements rather than expecting you to fit into our ways of working. We can provide as little or as much, in terms of the services available, as you require.

From simply building and supplying panels to your specification to completely designing a solution to your requirements by developing with/for you.

For existing panels of your own design we can provide exact replicas, however, we would always (without obligation) make suggestions to improve the panel, reduce costs and suggest possible enhancements.

We have over 35 years of experience in all aspects of designing, building, installing and servicing electrical panels.

Level of Engineering

From conception to design – we can work with you while an idea evolves. Assisting/advising with our range of experience and skills.

Panel design – If you know what you want the panel to do then we can provide the technical skills required to design the panel for or with you. This includes not only the electrical design, but may include physical size and shape limitations as well as possible future expansion and servicing considerations.

Panel Building – our experienced panel builders utilise skills and techniques picked up and passed down through years of experience, this is backed up with formal qualifications. This results in high quality consistent panels built in an efficient way every time.

Quality Control – Our panel building standards are tightly controlled, this starts with our standard procedures that cover every aspect of the process. These include wire colours, wire sizes, component spacing etc. These standards are always followed unless specifically specified differently by our customers.

Installation – We can advise, assist, control or undertake the panel installation for you. Depending on the installation requirements we can provide whatever you want.

Commissioning – Following the installation we can advise, assist, control or undertake the panel commissioning.

Servicing – Generally, electrical panels can be expected to provide years of service whatever their function. It may be required to provide an on-going breakdown or even routine servicing for clients. We are able to advise, assist or provide this facility. This can range from providing telephone support to the customers maintenance staff to providing guaranteed 24hr on-site support.

Modifications – It is not uncommon for existing installations to be modified or added to. This can result in a requirement to conduct extensive surveys on installations to be able to specify the best way to provide modifications.

Services Offered

Panel building – from a simple instrument in a box to full suites of control and MCC panels

Panel design – including panel layout, recommending components and working to different wiring specifications

Documentation – providing full circuit diagrams, layout drawings, parts lists, connection tables maintenance and operating manuals

Quality Control

The picture gallery below are some examples of the work we have undertaken for our clients.