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Belt Weigher Indicator


  • IP65 Panel Mount or IP66 Die-Cast Aluminium enclosure fitted with cable glands
  • Super-Bright LED display for indication of process values, configuration, calibration, maintenance and error reporting
  • Configurable Dead Range and Automatic Zero Compensation
  • Choice of Kgs/Hour or Tonnes/Hour Flow Rate Display
  • Both Resettable and Non-Resettable Totals
  • Adjustable filtering of both weight and speed signals
  • Security code protected calibration
  • Industry standard 0/4-20mA or 0-10V Analogue Output
  • Network communications using Modbus RTU/ASCII or Profibus DP protocols
  • Software configurable RS232/485 interface allowing continuous data transmission or network communications
  • Four independent relay outputs providing remote totalising, trip level and belt status functionality

PR436 Belt Weigher Indicator

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The PR436 Belt Weigher Indicator connects to a belt weigher mechanism in order to continually calculate the rate of flow of material over the belt scale and the total quantity of material transferred.

A wide variety of belt scale designs containing up to four load cells are supported, along with a range of speed sensor devices e.g. proximity switch with toothed wheel. Optionally, in applications where belt speed variations are insignificant, the indicator may operate from an internal speed simulator.

Using a combination of high resolution electronics coupled with intelligent signal filtering techniques, to eliminate mechanical vibration, the PR436 Belt Weigher Indicator is able to act as a high accuracy integrator when processing these incoming signals to calculate the wide range of process values available, including: Flow Rate, Totals, Flow Time, Belt Load and Belt Speed.

The PR436 Belt Weigher Indicator has been continuously developed over a number of years to include a wide range of key features, such as the Dead Range facility and Auto Zero Adjustment, which result in outstanding levels of accuracy. These features have been incorporated by working closely alongside some of the leading suppliers of belt weighing systems. Along with these intelligent features a comprehensive range of maintenance and diagnostic data is also available which dramatically improves the ability to offer remote technical support.

Detailed Plant Productivity Data

Along with the two independent material totalizers, used to record concurrent shift and long term production totals, flow time and belt running time clocks offer additional information when analysing plant and machinery productivity.

Flexible Enclosure Solutions for operation in Harsh Environment

The PR436 Belt Weigher Indicator is available in both IP65 panel mount and IP66 wall mount enclosures. It offers exceptionally high standards of reliability operating across a wide range of industries in some of the harshest environmental conditions and enduring extreme mechanical vibration. As well as being the perfect solution for new belt scale installations it also makes an excellent choice as a retro-fit indicator to almost any belt scale available in the world market.

Configurable Relay Outputs

A pulse output is provided that produces a pulse for every pre-set quantity of material transferred and can therefore be used to drive a remote totalising device. Two independent Trip outputs are provided which are set on whenever the flow rate is above a configurable value. Belt Stopped and System Healthy monitoring is also provided.

Industry Standard Analogue Output

A configurable industry standard 0/4-20mA or 0-10VDC output allows the live flow rate to be transmitted to a remote system.

Communications with Host Systems via Serial and Profibus DP Interfaces

The PR436 can interface to a printer to produce time and date stamped records initiated from the operation of a digital input or triggered from a production or calibration event. The flow rate or totals can be continuously transmitted to a remote display.

To allow for communication between a number of PR436 instruments and a host PC or PLC system the serial interface can be configured for multi-drop communications using one of the supported network communications protocols: SABus (ASCII), Modbus RTU/ASCII. The PR436 also supports the option of Profibus DP communications.



PR436 - Panel Mount Indicator Data Sheet


PR436/ALU - Wall Mount Indicator Data Sheet


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