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PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator

PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator


  • High resolution colour display with touchscreen
  • Simple step-by-step tare and calibration routines
  • Dead Range and Automatic Zero Compensation
  • Comprehensive Production and Management Reports
  • Automatic Angle Compensation
  • Security code protected calibration
  • Industry standard 0/4-20mA or 0-10V Analogue Output
  • Network communications using Modbus RTU/ASCII, Ethernet (Modbus TCP), EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP or DeviceNet
  • Software configurable RS232/485 Serial Interface and USB port
  • Four independent relay outputs providing remote totalising, trip level and belt status functionality
  • 10-36VDC or 110-240VAC power supply version
  • IP65 Panel Mount or IP66 Wall Mount enclosure

The PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator is a high precision digital belt scale integrator incorporating a range of smart features that provide a state of the art solution for belt weighing applications. Operating with a wide range of single or multi idler belt scales, and speed sensing devices, the PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator processes belt load and speed signals to produce high accuracy flow rate and totalised weight of bulk materials.

Accurate Totalising

The combination of high resolution electronics and intelligent signal filtering ensures optimal performance when processing the incoming signals. In addition to this, features such as Dead Range detection and Auto Zero Compensation eliminate totalising inaccuracies caused during periods of the conveyor running empty.

User Friendly Interface

The PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator uses the latest technology colour display to provide the operator with easily readable production data and plant status information. The customisable layout of the main operator screen provides direct access to the production data that is important to them, and the integrated touchscreen allows quick and easy access to all functions through intuitive icon driven navigation.

Along with this user friendly day to day operation, the PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator offers step-by-step instructions during the tare and calibration routines to guide the user through the process and eliminate the possibility of calibration errors that could later result in production data inaccuracies.

Production and Event Data Logging

Production materials, totals and times can be stored in internal memory to provide visibility of plant productivity and performance. These stored reports can be viewed on-screen or imported in to office management systems via the USB port provided.

Historical event log storage provides full traceability of operating events such as: production data resets, scale calibrations, configuration parameter changes and system alarms.

This combination of production and event data logging ensures that valuable production data will never be lost and it’s accuracy can always be verified.

Automatic Conveyor Angle Compensation

For applications where the conveyor angle will change during production runs the PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator supports the option of interfacing to an external inclinometer in order to determine the conveyor angle and compensate accordingly. This eliminates the need for recalibration following a change in the conveyor angle and maintains totalising accuracy.

Network Communications

The PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator supports a wide range of industrial network communication protocols, such as: Modbus RTU/ASCII, Ethernet (Modbus TCP), EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP and DeviceNet. This extensive range of communication options ensures compatibility with a wide range of host systems, such as PLC control systems or PC systems via locally wired or remote cellular networks.

Proven Reliability

The PR1436 smart Belt Weigher Indicator is available in both IP65 panel mount and IP66 wall mount enclosures. It offers proven reliability operating across a wide range of industries in some of the harshest environmental conditions. As well as being the perfect solution for new belt scale installations it also makes an excellent choice as a retro-fit indicator to almost any belt scale available in the world market.


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