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Inline Volumetric & Mass Liquid Blending Systems

Inline Liquid Blending Systems


  • Automatically Control Material Internal Distribution
  • Control Tank Offloading Process
  • Accurate Material Loading
  • Historical Loading/Offloading reports
  • Graphical Mimic Automation of Loading/Offloading Processes
  • Safety Alarms Monitoring
  • RoSoV and Emergency System Shutdown

Inline Blending Control System Solutions

Inline Blending Systems comprise of a number of components or materials to produce a finished product by controlling the continuous feeding and inline mixing to specific volume ratio’s or a specific analytical measurement for example specific gravity. Inline blending has advantages over conventional batch blending that requires components to be metered into blending vessels or tanks, mixed, analysed and adjusted to the correct requirements.

For high volume applications this process can be time consuming and expensive requiring additional tanks for storage of the finished product. Employing an Inline Blending System reduces the amount of storage required as there is no need to store blended stock onsite and the only requirement is to store the feed stock that is required to blend a variety of different finished products. Practicon has supplied inline blending systems to many UK companies across different market sectors and our dedicated engineering team is able to design, manufacture, install and commission a turn-key blending system solution.

Inline Blending Control System Benefits

One of the benefits of using inline blending is it is possible to achieve an individual component accuracy of better than 0.25% over the full metering range and can also perform faster blending operations by online analysis and adjustment of the blend ratio. This significantly reduces process time, and provides a higher throughput potential and greater flexibility allowing changes of product specifications by simply selecting a different recipe from the control system. Also since Inline blending produces a finished product on the fly, the finished product can be directly loaded into road tankers, rail transport vessels or ocean tankers.

Ratio & Auto-Compensation Inline Recipe Blending

Practicon has developed two types of inline blending control system solutions; Practicon’s Inline Ratio Recipe Blend solution and Practicon’s Inline Compensation Recipe Blend solution. Practicon’s Inline Ratio Recipe Blend controlled solution produces a finished product to an accurate component ratio. Using volumetric or mass flow meters the control system maintains the ratio blend via closed loop control from process measurements taken from inline field flow meters and control signals from the Practicon’s PLC & SCADA control systems back to the field equipment to adjust the component ratio.

Practicon’s Inline Auto-Compensation Recipe Blend solution operates in a comparable methodology to the ratio blending solutions by producing a finished product by component ratio, however inline viscosity, density or temperature analysers are installed after the individual components are blended together and are used in conjunction the PLC & SCADA control systems to adjust the component ratio of the final product. Plant alarms can be categorised into different colours and priority and displayed to the operator on HMI’s and stored in historically for future analysis. Options are also available to automatically email or send SMS messages to a selected group in the event of certain alarms being generated to inform of critical events.

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