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Weighing, Batching & Automation System Specialist

pr530 Batch Flow Controller


  • Single Channel Pulse Counting Batch Flow Indicator/Controller
  • 14mm fourteen segment super-bright Light Emitting Diode (LED) display
  • Calibration and Control Settings stored in permanent pass-number protected memory
  • Automatic Batch Control via relay outputs
  • Automatic Inflight Compensation
  • Two Speed Feeding Control
  • Start, Stop and Reset digital inputs from conventional push-button switches

PR530 Batch Flow Controller

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The PR530 Batch Flow Controller operates as a single ingredient batch flow indicator/controller. It has a single pulse input which can accommodate either volt-free contact or open collector NPN type flow meter signals. From the signal generated by the flow meter and stored configuration and calibration data it calculates and displays the appropriate metered quantity of material (litres).

Control and calibration adjustments are performed by means of the keypad in conjunction with the LED display. Access to this data is pass-number protected and stored in permanent memory.

The fourteen segment super-bright Light Emitting Diode (LED) display characters offer the advantage of a high visibility display, regardless of ambient light conditions, along with easily recognisable alpha-numeric characters to make operation and configuration simple and effective.

Digital Inputs and Outputs provide the automatic batch flow control functions described below.

Operating as a simple totalising indicator

When not programmed for automatic operation i.e. no batch target value set, the digital outputs may be driven on manually by operating the corresponding pushbutton input. In this mode the unit operates as a simple totalising indicator.

Fully Automatic Batch Flow Control

This mode of operation is used for fully automatic control of a single metered ingredient. The PR530 Batch Flow Controller supports two speed feeding control and automatic inflight compensation in order to minimise cycle time whilst ensuring optimum accuracy.

Having set the required batch target value, operating the start digital input pushbutton input will cause the feed output to come on until the target is reached.



PR530 - Batch Flow Controller Data Sheet